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Danville Express | Press Release | November 23, 2011


Wyatt Clancy, a student at Dorris Eaton, will travel to Stanford University to participate in a People to People Leadership Summit. Clancy, along with fellow students from around the country, will take part in many leadership roles.

During the -day program in Palo Alto , Wyatt Clancy will have the opportunity to learn about effective leadership and how to develop own leadership abilities, as well as how to apply those skills upon returning home. Hands-on activities such as the internation relations exercises , relevant professional speakers, small-group workshops, and visits to significant local venues can help Clancy form a new perspective on the importance of good leadership.

“What I am most excited about, is the Global Aspect of this program and the people I will meet representing many other countries,” says Clancy.

People to People Leadership Summits are held in prestigious venues around the country and provide students a chance to explore the various aspects of leadership in specific contexts. Participants also gain insights to guide their educational and professional careers, and benefit from a strong focus on college admissions. Through workshops, presentations, excursions, and discussions, Leadership Ambassadors attain a clear advantage as they pursue their selected fields of interest. Students will have the opportunity to meet with admissions officers and gain valuable advice for navigating the college application process.

The programs offer students a unique blend of specialized educational, leadership, and cultural exposure as well as itineraries filled with the highlights of the hosting communities. Students enjoy a unique chance to enhance their self-confidence, as well as experience life-changing growth in personal responsibility, global leadership, and cultural diversity.

Danville Weekly | January 2009

Poem From 10 Year Old Wyatt

I Am

I Am an Athlete
I wonder what people think of me
I hear people telling me to do better
I see people doing things perfectly
I want to be like them
I am an athlete

I pretend that someday I could be perfect
I feel perfection in the air but me floating around it
I touch the fear in the air inside me
I worry what I will be when I grow up
I cry when I know I could do better but I’m not at that point yet
I am an Athlete

I understand people are proud of me
I say to myself I could do better
I dream that I am perfect
I hope someday I will be
I am an Athlete

Note: This is a poem I wrote in the 5th grade at 10 years old. It won a special recognition in a writing competition.